Procrastination is god

Blog of an introverted, procrastinating student. If I post anything - assume I'm doing it do avoid more important tasks.

I loove supernatural, and I'm pretty much a fangirl.

i'm an atheist and proud of it - though I don't mind religion.

I love laughing and can spend hours online finding things that make me laugh.


I never buy into the “robots will someday overthrow humanity” scare but sometimes when my shuffled playlist of like a billion hours of music refuses to play anything but the same dozen or so songs over and over again I start to believe



if ur screwing up ur life cuz u are a perfectionist with major anxiety who procrastinates and spends way too much time on the internet clap ur hands


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I want a movie about greek gods where hades isn’t the antagonist

By all accounts the antagonist in every Greek Gods movie should be Zeus’s dick. Nothing else causes as much murder and mayhem.

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one difference between cats and dogs is that dogs do absolutely nothing to mask their clinginess while cats pretend it’s a coincidence they’re in the same room as you 97% of the time

"The fact I am laying on your face means nothing"

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